Program 2014

September 25th, 2014 


Welcome guests at the Regina Palace Hotel

Official welcome is set up at 6:00 pm, with a cocktail party in the century-old park of the hotel, where the environment is enriched by artificial lakes and aquatic plants, and the air is enhanced by the fragrances of a rose garden.

During the cocktail, the master potter Anna Bernasconi will make a live show of her creations.

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During this day, the transportations between the International Airport of Milan Malpensa are guaranteed by the organization, starting every two ours.


September 26th, 2014 


Guided visit by ferry to the Borromeo Gulf, composed of 3 islands, one islet and a reef:

  • The islet and the reef are called the Castles of Cannero because of the presence of ruins of medieval fortifications.
  • Island dei Pescatori – The only Island which is permanently inhabited by a small community of almost 200 people.
  • Island Madre and Island Bella – called “Sisters Islands”.  During the course of the centuries they were owned by the Borromeo Family, one of the most powerful and influential families in Italy.  The islands are famous all over Europe for their palaces and gardens, which contain more than 2000 different plants species.  On the Island Madre there is also a large variety of free flying birds that migrate from the east, such as white peacocks, golden pheasants and parrots.

The visit starts at 10:00am.

Lunch will be held at a restaurant on one of the islands will feature typical regional food and excellent views.

Around 4:00 pm the tour ends and there’s the return to the hotel. Regina Palace Hotel The offers both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a jacuzzi cavemulti-sensory showers, a sauna, a Turkish bath, a gym, and tennis courts (all of these activity are free for guests).

The evening is free to take a walk in the town of Stresa, which offers everything you need for fun and relaxation.


September 27th, 2014


09:30 am – Show opens to guests

All the participants will be provided with a badge; the buyers will also have the “intent to purchase” slips.


10:00 am – Viewing period for the 15 “special” knives made by the makers, as well as their optional knives

The “special” knives will be sold by closed bid;

The bidders have the right to bid any amount they want;

The maker has the right to accept or not any offer below the starting price;

The optional knives will be sold by drawing.


12:30 pm – Bidding time closes, drawing of the Winners begins (one knife at a time)

For the “special” knives, there will be a second chance for the collectors, only if the bidders are within a 1.000€ apart or if there is a tie they will have the opportunity to rebid;

The collector of the first highest bid has the right to match any other bid.

The drawing of the optional knives will be made after the one for the “special”.


1:30 pm – Viewing period for the knives placed on sale by collectors

All these knives will be sold by a draw.


3:00 pm – Drawing of the winners for collectors’ knives


4:00 pm – The show officially closes


7:00 pm – Farewell dinner